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A Musician’s Engineer

with over two decades of audio engineering experience in mixing multiple event sizes ranging from small venues to major festivals.

Thomas works very closely with the artist in order to provide a  range of engineering services to suit their needs.

As a musician and stage performer myself, I am well aware of the importance for the artist of having a reliable engineer. Someone with the correct musical and engineering experience to understand the artist and the soul of the compositions.

Engineer: Thomas Neidhardt

Engineering Services:
Live FOH, Studio, Broadcast, Technical and Music Project Production.

Equipment Expertise:
Live-Experienced with many consoles including MIDAS Heritage (also maintenance),  Soundcraft MH, VI series, Allen & Heath ML series & Digital desks, Yamaha Digital, Digidesign Profile, and a multitude  of essential outboard signal processing equipment.
Mixing Experience ranging from small Venues to huge major Festivals.

Studio-Specialising in capturing the performance in the recording stage of a project. Experienced with the character of many many many microphones & pre-amps to get the right sound. Experienced user of everything from small desks up to NEVE VR and SSL including Installation and Maintenance. 

Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Flutes, Percussions, etc.

Associated Music Styles:
Rock, Pop, Metal, Folk, Reggae, Jazz, Classical, Gothic and especially anything strange and experimental.
Contact: audio”at”